Saturday, June 25, 2011

Design 1367 - Currituck

This design is interesting as it marks Henry Nevins' (City Island, New York) foray into aluminum yacht construction. She is all aluminum with plywood decks covered in canvas. The year was 1958. Unfortunately we don't possess any images of this boat.

Postscript: A blog follower has pointed out that Currituck is currently for sale and can be seen on the S&S Association website. Click here for further information and some images.

Here's the general arrangement plan. I like that chart table that converts into a quarter berth.

And an article from Motor Boating magazine. Please double click for zoom.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 46'-3"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 12'-10"
Draft 4'-11"
Displacement 28,700 lbs
Ballast 11,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,059 sq ft

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