Friday, July 30, 2010

Evolution of the Sparkman & Stephens Logo

If you ever want to create a stir simply consider changing your company logo! Here's a brief history of the development of our company logo which I hope will clarify how we arrived at our current logo.

The original Sparkman & Stephens logo was in place from the inception of the company in 1929 until about 1980. It was the full company name spelled out in a classical font with a much smaller incorporated below. It was then company policy to always spell out the company name fully (and never use simply S&S). Here it is.

When Rod and then Olin Stephens retired in 1980 the younger management wanted to make their mark on the company and hired a marketing firm who developed the S&S logo that was in use for many years.

In 2004 a special 75th Anniversary logo was used with signal flags signifying "75".

In 2008 we went back to our roots and made it a policy to spell out the entire company name, incorporating it with the S&S logo.

We then felt that the name along with the logo with initials was redundant and that S&S was such a common logo in general that we should do something unique. In the marine industry alone we have S&S Fabrics and S&S Propeller to name but just two similar logos. Wouldn't we be better off using a universal maritime symbol, the anchor, so that a recipient of a letter or email would immediately know we were a marine related business? In addition we looked back to Rod and Olin's personal signal flag and out of respect inserted their seahorse into the shank of the anchor. Here's their signal flag.

The new and current logo was born.

And we have a variant (used when appropriate).

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